A hideaway where you can enjoy the superb view of Mt Sanbe and Gonokawa River and Bihada Onsen.

After spending a relaxing time looking at the nature of Iwami and the spectacular Gonokawa River, and enjoying the Bihada Onsen,
With a glass of wine in hand, enjoy Italian cuisine made with plenty of local ingredients.
Please forget the passage of time in an extraordinary space.

Inside this facility/facilities

  • Front desk

    Enter the entrance on the 1st floor and it is on the left side.
    Please use it not only for check-in and check-out, but also for accounting at shops and restaurants.
    You can also pay for the healing room and wine tasting at the front desk.
    Various arrangements such as reception for day-trip hot springs, handing over of keys for large public bath lockers, tourist information, etc.
    Please contact the front desk clerk for all inquiries.
    Please dial "8" to contact the front desk from your room.
  • Lobby

    The lobby is where you enter the entrance on the first floor.
    The atmosphere is reminiscent of nature, such as foliage plants.
    Please feel free to use it to meet up with friends.
    We have a shop, men's and women's restrooms, barrier-free restrooms, and a nursing room.
    The only smoking area in the hotel is outside the lobby.
    Sit back and relax.
  • Souvenir corner

    Located in the back of the lobby on the 1st floor.
    You can purchase wine brewed at Mt Sanbe Iwami Winery.
    In addition, we display goods related to Misato Town, Shimane Prefecture, local specialty souvenirs, etc.
    Please feel free to use it.
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760-1 Nagato, Misato Town, Ochi County, Shimane Prefecture

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・About 45 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway - Takata IC.
・About 45 minutes by car from Odashi Station on the JR Sanin Main Line.
・About 20 minutes by car to Mt Sanbe Iwami Winery in Ota City.
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If you have any questions, please contact us.